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Gain real-time insights with SIG Line Monitoring

Improve productivity with real-time data from SIG Line Monitoring.

Boost productivity with the right insights

Our Line Monitoring service helps customers visualize  how their filling machines are performing. Line monitoring empowers you to measure performance and improve operations.  Our state-of-the-art line monitoring system enables users to:

  • Integrate their entire filling line and third-party equipment to measure productivity
  • Collect and consolidate data to spot success points and potential bottlenecks
  • Contextualize and analyze data to identify KPIs against current ISO standards
  • Visualize data using intuitive metrics and easy-to-understand graphics
  • Access data at any time with automatic reporting and mobile connectivity


Data empowers users to make informed decisions

SIG Line Monitoring gives you data in a way that’s useful and simple to understand—we know the power of information and worked to design an interface that visualizes data to help you make important decisions and understand how well your filling line is performing.

  • The Overview Page provides a quick view of all your lines and how they’re operating
  • You can zoom in and monitor specific lines in real time to ensure you’re meeting KPIs
  • Identify patterns and trends through measuring analytics over a selected period
  • Compile reports of the information you need, sent directly to your email
  • Display the status of your filling line in chronological order


Our Line Monitoring performance board (where you can find all the data on your machine) is designed to help our clients identify overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).


Whether you want an overview of your entire filling line or specific equipment information, our dashboard makes it easy to toggle through information and find what you need to know, from potential breakdowns to performance losses—our data makes decision-making simple and effective.


Case study: Hochwald and SIG Line Monitoring

Hochwald Foods is a German-based company focused on dairy production, and they implemented SIG’s Line Monitoring system to oversee how well their 15 filling lines are performing.


With our system, Hochwald was able to increase transparency and monitor the effectiveness of their machinery—looking after 15 different filling lines can be daunting, but our Line Monitoring system helped streamline UHT production from end to end: from processing to palletizing.


We believe data can help make your company more efficient—talk to us to learn more about our Line Monitoring system today.