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Asset optimization with SIG Technical Solutions

Technical solutions designed for your equipment  

Our goal is to support the long term  effectiveness and minimize TCO of your equipment. These services are optional and we  provide one-off solutions, including technical upgrades to SIG machines and customized equipment for your production line’s needs.

Optimize your equipment the sustainable way

Our technical upgrades are designed to keep your equipment running and effective for as long as possible—we want your equipment to always work for you. We provide upgrades that can improve the following outcomes:


Our upgrades can make your filling equipment more robust and increase production quality.


We can identify upgrades that’ll make your line more environmentally responsible.

System Improvement

We can find areas of improvement to reduce waste and maintenance costs.

Health and Safety

Technical solutions can improve the operational safety of your filling line.

Case study: the SIG Cleaning Machine

One of the ways we provide technical solutions is through customized equipment, including the SIG Cleaning Machine. Cleaning of your equipment and cleaning reliability play an important role during the filling process.


Where we’ve installed our customized cleaning machine, we’ve seen: 

  • Lower aseptic risk due to higher cleaning reliability

  • Freed up resources to help produce 1,000,000 more packs a year

  • Designed in cooperation with world leader in cleaning technology, ensuring your equipment is clean and safe to use


20 minutes

clean and dry cycle of the semi-automatic machine, resulting in reduced workloads due to quick cleaning


less water used


less energy used

Reach out to us to learn how SIG Technical Solutions can improve your filling line.