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Packaging that speaks for itself

You scanned me!

Maybe you finished the internet, maybe I’m the replacement for reading the back of your shampoo bottle, or maybe you’re genuinely wondering what happens when you rethink packaging.


Either way… you’ve come to the right place.

Do we need to rethink packaging?

We all need to minimize waste, conserve our resources, and mitigate climate change. More sustainable food and beverage packaging systems (like yours truly) are key to achieving these goals. By picking me up today, you made a choice for a world with less carbon and plastic waste and with more affordable food and biodiversity. But enough about you. Let’s get back to me. 

I’m simple by nature.

It’s important to renew yourself if you want to stay relevant in the packaging business. Luckily, most of me is renewable since all trees used to create me will be replenished. In fact, SIG is doubling the number of hectares of forest used to create me and my friends.

I’m also circular, which means I am fully recyclable. Moreover, I’m aseptic, which means the product inside me has a long shelf life and can be stored without refrigeration or preservatives. Thereby, I protect the nutritional value of my contents and reduce food waste. 

Some call me a modern-day hero - I wouldn’t go that far. (But you can).

I am fully recyclable and the materials I am made of can be used to create new products.

I am mainly made of renewable paperboard - this means the trees needed to produce me will regrow.

The trees I am made of come from responsibly managed forests.

Throughout my life, I emit less CO2 than many other packagings - so I am better for the climate.

A certified tree-hugger

My paperboard can be traced back to the forest where it all started.

I’ve got the FSC™-certification (FSC™ license code: FSC™ C020428) to prove it. This is really cool since well-managed trees can grow quickly and be regenerated at a sustainable rate – absorbing carbon dioxide as they grow. You’ll find that I’m made from between 75 and 80% renewable paperboard. But by 2030, I plan to reach 90%.


Less layers.
More resources to go around.

Think of me as an onion. I have multiple layers, one of which used to be aluminum. But the people who invented me managed to remove that without removing my ability to protect my contents. This means that I’m producing even less CO2.  Even though aluminum was only 5% of me, it made up about 25% of my total CO2 footprint[1]. By consisting of fewer materials, I am also easier to recycle. 

[1] Compared with standard SIG packaging material for aseptic cartons, based on independent ISO-compliant life-cycle assessment. Data has been critically reviewed, for more info and the full study visit

A round mindset in square packaging

I am available in many parts of the world. And wherever I am, it’s key that I am consistently being collected and recycled.
In Europe, they often use near-infrared tech to sort cartons from other types of packaging. My paperboard, polymer layers, closures, and so on can be used to create new products. And wherever this is not happening today, the industry that I belong to works hard to bring my round mindset to all corners of the world!


Are we there yet?

Am I proof that we’ve reached the goal of a net-positive packaging system? Well, no! BUT…hang on. I am proof that SIG is taking big steps toward packaging that has very little impact on the environment and that they are continuously taking more steps toward their goal. 


One day, I’ll be...

...removing more carbon from the atmosphere than I emit during my life cycle.

...made from endless renewable materials.

...fully and easily recyclable everywhere in the world.

Until we meet again

I don’t like to talk about it, but we will have to part ways at some point. The good news is that ‘my people’ are working on boosting collection and recycling rates so my high-quality materials stay in circulation. And even better, by 2030, I plan to be made out of 90%+ renewable paperboard. This will unlock access to the paper recycling stream in countries where separate carton handling is not available today.
So this is not goodbye.

This is where we say... 
Until we meet again!

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