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Edible oil packaging solutions

Flexible bag-in-box packaging provides eco-conscious solutions that keep your cooking oils safe and fresh from fill through end-use.

Revolutionizing packaging in the edible oil industry

Edible oils, essential in both culinary and commercial food preparation, require packaging that maintains the integrity and purity of the product. The packaging needs to be robust, preserving the oil's quality while also being user-friendly and sustainable. SIG's innovative recycle-ready packaging solutions address these needs, offering efficient, convenient, and eco-conscious options for various types of edible oils. Whether for home cooking or professional kitchens, our packaging ensures that oils retain their essential characteristics from production to consumption.

Quality preservation

Protecting the essence and flavor of oils for longer.

User-friendly design

Convenient handling and usage for all users.

Sustainable solutions

Recycle-ready packaging for environmental responsibility.

Versatile applications

Ideal options for a range of culinary and commercial uses.

Edible oil applications

Bag-in-box packaging for edible oil

  • Complete closed-loop systems that protect your product
  • Versatility to deliver your cooking oil anywhere you need
  • Solutions that minimize your environmental impact and leave less waste behind
  • Reduced food waste with longer secondary shelf life and better product evacuation

Jerribox for cooking oil

Extract the maximum amount of product while preserving freshness and taste. Our innovative bag-in-box systems include a wide range of film, fitments, and filling equipment for a total packaging solution engineered to protect your cooking oil from fill through final dispensing. Learn more about Jerribox.

Bag-in-box packaging is ideal for...

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