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How SIG’s FSC commitment is contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Around 90% of SIG packs now carry the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) label. It’s a little label with a big story to tell. In fact, it’s one of the ways we’re supporting progress towards the United Nations Sustaina...
Around 90% of SIG packs now carry the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) label. It’s a little label with a big story to tell. In fact, it’s one of the ways we’re supporting progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on some of the biggest global challenges we face.
In July, the United Nations high-level political forum is meeting in New York to review progress towards six of the SDGs, including those on sustainable forestry, sustainable consumption and global partnership for sustainable development. As the UN meeting approaches, we take a look at how SIG’s FSC™ commitment is contributing to these three goals as part of our commitment to go Way Beyond Good.
Goal 15: Life on land
Forest management is a key element of Goal 15 on the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems. And it’s at the heart of SIG’s FSC™ commitment to source liquid packaging board – the main raw material used to make our packs – from certified, responsibly-managed forests, and other controlled sources. The NGO-backed FSC™ certification sets strict standards to prevent deforestation, avoid forest degradation, and maintain biodiversity and ecosystem functions – as well as to respect the rights of local communities and indigenous peoples. Forest managers must meet and maintain these standards to retain their certification. The use of independent forest certification was recently endorsed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. This, as a means to improve long-term economic feasibility, social acceptance and environmental management in its new guidelines to promote the sustainable management of forests.
Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production
SIG’s FSC™ commitment supports Goal 12 by promoting both sustainable consumption and sustainable production. Forest-based liquid packaging board makes up around 70-80% of each SIG pack on average. Sourcing this material from FSC™-certified suppliers helps us produce our packs sustainably and promotes more sustainable production among our suppliers. FSC™ certification ensures environmental and social impacts from sourcing forest-based materials are managed. And responsibly managed forests also support sustainable production and consumption by helping to store carbon, regulate climate and provide a renewable alternative to fossil-based feedstocks in the transition to a bio-based economy. At the same time, when consumers scan the shelves of their local supermarket, the FSC™ label on SIG packs assures them that the packaging of the product they are buying comes from responsibly-managed forests and other controlled sources. We are raising consumer awareness by encouraging customers to put the FSC™ label on all SIG packs by 2020. As consumers get used to seeing the label on more of their food and drinks products, it can have a wider effect on sustainable consumption. The consumers start looking for the FSC™ label. Retailers, in turn, are stocking a wider range of FSC™-certified products – from printer paper to garden furniture.
Goal 17: Partnership for the Goals
Goal 17 emphasises the need to partner with others for sustainable development. Partnering with both suppliers and customers is essential to fulfill our FSC™ commitment. For once, this is to source 100% of our key materials from certified sources. Additionally, it is to have the FSC™ label on 100% of SIG packs. We work closely with the FSC™ in the development of the certification scheme. Thus, we have joined other leading companies in a business call for FSC™ certification to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As signatories to the FSC™ Vancouver Declaration, together we pledged to ensure that our use of forest materials contributes to global, sustainable development goals. By declaring our support for FSC™ certification as the most credible and widely acceptable choice for promoting sustainable forestry and by calling upon others to support this movement, we aim to work together to achieve sustainable production and consumption through market transformation. Watch our Chief Financial Officer, Samuel Sigrist, present the Vancouver Declaration at the FSC General Assembly 2017. Find out more about our support for the SDGs and how SIG is going Way Beyond Good in our Corporate Responsibility Performance Update 2017. Trademark license code: FSC™ CO20428