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Staying in style

Make the right first impression and a product stands a higher chance of being chosen. Ensure your brand is always in style with on-trend product packaging design
Make the right first impression and a product stands a higher chance of being chosen. Ensure your brand is always in style with on-trend product packaging design

When it comes to choosing products, packaging matters. It’s is the first real touch-point for consumers and sets the tone for their entire brand experience. That’s why it’s crucial for brands to not only consider whether the packaging is right for their product but also whether it makes the right first impression.

But what exactly makes packaging appealing? Is it down to colours, images or patterns? Or is it fonts and illustrations that really make an impact? The truth is, it’s all these things and more as packaging design is constantly changing to match changing consumer preferences and needs. Knowing what’s in style is therefore key to standing out on the shelf.

Here we take a look at five packaging design trends that are making a mark at the moment…

Make it minimal

Minimalism has been around for some time and is proving more popular than ever as consumers are won over by clean, uncluttered designs that let a product speak for itself. When retail shelves are crowded or full of bright colours, it can be refreshing to let the integrity of a product to shine through. Think muted colour palettes, stripped down styles and minimal text to emphasis a product’s pure or premium experience. Because simplicity never goes out of style.

The art of artisan

As the demand for locally-sourced and locally-made products grows, so has the trend for packaging with an artisan or handcrafted feel. Simple, hand-drawn illustrations or handwritten text gives the impression that the product isn’t mass-produced and has been created by skilled experts with specific consumer needs in mind. So for brands looking to offer a more natural, local or intimate product experience, look no further than the artisan style.

Going graphical

Packaging can be a blank canvas to experiment and push the boundaries of design and story-telling. It’s a chance to be bold and really stand out. Graphical styles are ideal for packaging like carton packs where brands can create fun, sophisticated or artistic designs that immediately command attention. This could be with playful patterns, visual icons, creative illustrations or colourful shapes to create a unique brand identity.

The sustainable effect

With consumers more conscious of packaging waste and its impact, it’s crucial brands offer more sustainable and responsible products. Packaging is the right place to start, not only with the use of renewable materials and biodegradable packaging but also with designs that tap into today’s sustainability concerns. With clear green messaging, scenes of nature, and a raw appearance to the packaging, brands can reassure consumers that their products are good inside and out.  

A taste for typography

If you’re looking to send a clear message to consumers or tell a unique story then typography is a great way to make an impact. Whether it’s bold custom lettering, oversized text or easy-to-read statements, packaging typography can be a fun or sophisticated way to stand out. And with designs based entirely around text, you can be sure to pique consumer curiosity and communicate a wide range of messages in an instant.

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