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The top four trends in packaging

From connected packs and e-commerce to recycling and plastic-free, Mintel has revealed the big trends impacting the global packaging industry in 2019 and beyond
From connected packs and e-commerce to recycling and plastic-free, Mintel has revealed the big trends impacting the global packaging industry in 2019 and beyond


At the end of last year, we looked at some of the major food and drink trends to watch in 2019. But what can we expect when it comes to packaging? To answer this question, market intelligence agency Mintel has announced its top four global packaging trends, revealing the big challenges and opportunities ahead…


Connected packaging


With more mobile devices and technologies linking packaging to the online world, connected packaging is on the up. Brands now have a wealth of options to virtually connect with packaging, from QR codes to augmented reality. And they’re enabling brands to not only influence how they’re viewed online but deliver engaging content to influence purchasing decisions.


SIG has a whole solution platform called Connected Pack that’s dedicated to delivering 100% connectivity and traceability in every pack. Our end-to-end traceability solution, for example, helps producers optimise processes and product quality, while enabling consumers to access detailed product information.


Closing the loop


Recycling is far from new but consumers want more transparency and simplicity. Recyclable packaging claims are common yet many consumers are confused or unaware of what is and isn’t recyclable. Going forward, brands have an opportunity to drive consumer awareness of recycling by being part of the solution and committing to using recycled material in new packaging.    


All materials in SIG packs, like paperboard, can be recycled. As well as this end-of-life circle, our packs have another natural material circle at the start of their life. All our paperboard comes from FSC™-certified sources (FSC™ trademark licence code: FSC™ C020428), helping forests thrive and ensuring more renewable material is available for future supply. This circle is unique for beverage cartons as most other food and beverage packaging is made from non-renewable fossil resources.


In addition, independent life-cycle assessments have also shown our carton packs to offer significantly better environmental performance than alternatives over the entire life-cycle – meaning a smaller carbon footprint and less fossil fuel consumption.


Reinventing the box


While most prefer to buy groceries in-store, the convenience of online will eventually spill over into food products. That’s why brands need to consider packaging that meets the demands of e-commerce now. This means everything from splitting messaging between primary and secondary packaging, to creating ‘unboxing’ experiences and packaging to handle extended supply chains.   


SIG’s packaging is ideal for e-commerce. Without refrigeration, food and beverages can be hygienically and securely protected from light and air, meaning product flavour, aroma, colour, nutrients and vitamins are retained over an extended period. Our packs are also lightweight, unbreakable, space-saving, and easy to stack and transport. Watch our film to see even more reasons to choose carton packaging.




As the plastic-free movement grows, brands need to act fast to ensure their place in the market by either switching to acceptable materials or by engaging in the plastic debate. Without a clear definition on what ‘plastic-free’ really means, brands need to better communicate the benefits of ‘good’ plastic while addressing pollution concerns with appropriate end-of-life pack solutions.


SIG is at the forefront of developing sustainable solutions like our SIGNATURE PACK and paper straw. SIGNATURE PACK is the world’s first aseptic pack 100% linked to plant-based renewable material, including all used plastics. Our new paper straw, meanwhile, is the first market-ready alternative to plastic straws for beverage cartons.


Want to know more about the latest trends in packaging? Contact us or read more about our commitments to Product Innovation & Differentiation and Connected Pack.


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