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Keeping water fresh with AJEPER

Starting a ripple effect with AJE

Designing sustainable options is a multifaceted process. At SIG, we look at the entire lifecycle of a product: not just how it's made, but how people use a product and the ripple effect one responsible choice has on the entire supply stream. 

Bag-in-box solutions for water are the perfect example of how one simple switch—from plastic bottles to flexible packaging—can have an everlasting impact.

The challenge: bringing healthy solutions to consumers

AJEPER, located in Peru, believes in a healthier world where people can enjoy the natural things in life—and that starts with water. They package water under the brands Agua Cielo and Agua Vida. As the bag-in-box market for water has grown, they wanted to use this format to offer a more sustainable, easier-to-transport solution for their water.

The solution: everything starts with water

Packaging solutions have to meet consumers where they're at, and we find that the most successful partnerships put users first. AJE's Cielo and Vida brands have always looked to accompany their consumers in their daily activities—our bag-in-box water package does just that. Now, AJE drinkers can bring fresh water wherever they go, refilling their water bottles from our bag-in-box packaging instead of relying on plastic bottles that are often discarded after one use. 

AJE has used SIG flexible packaging for the past few years to bring water to their fellow Peruvians. The ergonomic, on-tap benefits make their water easily accessible for people of all ages and abilities. Plus, with our patented 2Pure film film for water, this package offers significantly less waste than traditional rigid bottles.

The result: Sustainable water for all

AJE minimized its impact on the environment through packaging. Their 20L bag-in-box packages hold the equivalent of 40 bottles of water but without the weight, raw materials, or greenhouse gases associated with making rigid plastic.  


But you can’t forget the ripple effects of sustainable choices. By encouraging drinkers to get water from a bag-in-box, more people are likely to switch to reusable water bottles. Switching to bag-in-box isn’t just about the cost, transport, and materials savings, but about making sustainable choices easy for consumers to pick. 


If you’re ready to start a ripple effect with bag-in-box water, get in touch with us!