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Water packaging solutions

Keep your water as fresh as the day it was packaged with our bag-in-box and carton water packaging solutions.
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Sustainable packaging for water

The growing demand for natural and healthy water among consumers is driving the flavored and plain water category. Flavored variants are increasingly interesting for consumers due to innovative flavors and added health benefits. Consumers want to know that their water has been responsibly sourced, and with levels of plastic waste at an all-time high, that sustainability awareness extends to the packaging of their purchases as well. That’s why SIG’s innovative and sustainably-sourced solutions are a perfect fit for the premium water and flavored water sector, giving producers great flexibility in choosing pack sizes and formats, such as bag-in-box and carton packaging, that provide eco-conscious solutions to protect water’s purity while making it easy to dispense from virtually any size package.


With recyclable cartons and our recycle-ready SIG Terra OptiTap 2300 bag-in-box package, you can reduce the amount of packaging needed for your water.

Barrier structures

Patented, active-barrier technology in SIG Terra 2Pure Film protects your water from outside contaminants, ensuring it stays as fresh and pure as the day it was packaged.

Water applications

Bag-in-box for water

  • Ability to sustainably and easily deliver fresh water to remote locations
  • SIOC-certified options to open up ecommerce possibilities
  • Solutions that minimize your environmental impact and leave less packaging waste behind
  • Superior efficiency compared to water jug or single bottle delivery

SIG works to inspire healthier lives through reducing plastic waste and providing safer water for all people. We are committed to providing environmentally-conscious, flexible packaging solutions. We can create several key environmental advantages to support your sustainability journey:

  • Reduced plastics use.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions in production and shipping.
  • Increased efficiency in shipping, including ecommerce.
  • The first bag-in-box package that meets APR Guidelines for recyclability of flexible bag-in-box packaging.

With our unique SIG Terra 2Pure Film, specifically developed for ozonated water packaging, you can offer water in a clean, environmentally-responsible alternative to traditional bottles and jugs. Unlike most polyethylene-based films, SIG Terra 2Pure Film offers a taint- and odor-free water package. Choose from a wide range of fitments and filling equipment for a complete packaging solution engineered to protect your water from fill through final dispensing.

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We’re on a journey to create packaging for better

Packaging that gives more to people and the planet than it takes out.


Removing more carbon than we emit

Carton packaging for water

  • Aseptic beverage cartons providing a safe and stable packaging solution
  • Lowest carbon footprint vs. other packaging substrates
  • Option to choose a beverage carton, which can be linked up to 95% to forest-based renewable materials lowering the packs CO2 footprint even further
  • Flexibly choose between different packaging formats and filling volumes

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