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Lee Kum Kee chooses bag-in-box packaging

Lee Kum Kee saves with industrial bag-in-box

Expanding your brand can be a big challenge—that's where SIG's flexible packaging comes in. Packaging formats like cartons and bag-in-box can make getting your products out to a broader audience effortless and sustainable. 

Many industrial packaging formats are wasteful in terms of both the materials they're made from and how effectively they preserve what they package. However, SIG is a leader in industrial packaging and has helped hundreds of brands worldwide increase their reach while saving money and resources.

The challenge: losing product and quality

Known for its sauces and condiments, Lee Kum Kee was founded in 1888 in the Guangdong Province of China when its founder, Mr. Lee Kam Sang, invented oyster sauce. Lee Kum Kee now produces over 200 different products available in 100 countries worldwide. 


However, Lee Kum Kee packaged most of its products on the industrial level in unlined 220-liter (55-gallon) drums and saw product yields and shelf life suffering because of the drums. With public sentiment shifting towards sustainable products, the team at Lee Kum Kee sought a package format that could reduce its environmental impact and improve product quality and longevity.

The solution: from barrels to flexible liners

We worked with Lee Kum Kee to find a packaging format to meet their product and preservation concerns. We matched them with our industrial liners for their oyster sauce, made from our patented barrier film and fitted with our aseptic-capable SIG SteriSeal Cap 3400. This combination ensured better product preservation and yield—the packaging collapses on itself to aid in product evacuation.


Before, Lee Kum Kee had to clean their barrels after every use, which wasted water and time and created inefficiencies in their packaging line. But with flexible liners, not only has Lee Kum Kee improved efficiency, but we were able to improve the shelf life of their products and ensure less was spoiled or spilled during transport. 

The result: better quality and sustainability from start to finish

By improving its industrial packaging, we were able to help Lee Kum Kee increase sustainability gains that impacted the entire distribution chain. We thought outside the box (and inside the barrel) to hatch a solution that utilized existing infrastructure while increasing quality and preserving product. 


Here's what the switch to flexible liners provides: 

  • Liners made the rigid barrels at Lee Kum Kee easily reusable and put more barrels in rotation, improving packaging timing and efficiency
  • Lee Kum Kee saw up to a 15% increase in yield rates due to more efficient packaging and evacuation rates
  • They also reduced their water use by up to 70%

We can help you develop a packaging solution tailored to your brand's needs—no challenge is too small for us. Get in touch, and let us help you identify the right packaging solution for you.