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Sauce packaging solutions

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Our advanced filling solutions allow you to manufacture a diverse range of sauces, ranging from smooth to chunky textures. Bag-in-box, pouch, and carton packaging provide eco-conscious solutions that keep your sauces safe and fresh from fill through end-use.

A changing market

The sauce market is shifting from one of standard offerings to one with more flavor profiles, fusions, and natural ingredients. Consumers are looking for a premium experience to elevate everyday meals and cooking, not only with flavors, but package formats as well. Part of this includes the impact the product and package make on the environment.

Aseptic packaging technology

Key on all-natural ingredients and clean label claims with aseptic packaging technology, which allows you to pack all natural, preservative-free products without refrigeration.

Sustainable solutions

Count on our aseptic carton, bag-in-box, and spouted pouch solutions to offer plastic and waste reductions vs rigid bottles and other packaging substrates.

Easy dispensing & emptying

As additional sauce flavors in restaurants grow in popularity, count on our dispensing solutions to help you serve these requests quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Alternative pack formats

Stand out on shelves with alternative pack formats like corner spout pouches, which allow consumers a new, ergonomic condiment dispensing experience.

Sauce applications

Carton packaging for sauce

  • Aseptic cartons providing a safe and stable packaging solution for soups
  • Option to choose a beverage carton, which can be linked up to 95% to forest-based renewable materials lowering the packs CO2 footprint per pack even further
  • Flexibly choose between different formats, opening solutions and filling volumes to cater to the right usage occasion

Carton packaging is ideal for...

Bag-in-box packaging for sauce

  • Aseptic technology to eliminate costly cold chain logistics
  • Versatility to deliver your products anywhere you need
  • Solutions that minimize your environmental impact and leave less packaging waste behind
  • Reduced food waste with longer secondary shelf life and maximum product evacuation

Extract the maximum amount of sauce while preserving freshness and taste. Our innovative bag-in-box systems include a wide range of film, fitments, and filling equipment for a complete packaging solution engineered to protect your sauces from fill through final dispensing.

Bag-in-box packaging is ideal for...


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Pouch packaging for sauce

  • Clean, utensil-free usage in a package that’s easy to “get it all out”
  • Aseptic pouches are shelf-stable, no refrigeration required
  • Typically lower carbon footprint than heavy rigid alternatives
  • Better product-to-package ratio than rigid formats like bottles and jars

Expand your market share with this highly-convenient packaging. Pouches are clean, easy-to-use, and eliminate the scooping, scraping, and squeezing of messy bottles and jars. Offer sauces in pouches for occasions like camping or picnicking; resealable, family-size pouches of their favorite sauces; and trial-size pouches that encourage sampling.

Pouch packaging is ideal for...

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