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SIG’s sustainable bag-in-box packaging

Bag-in-box is already very sustainable

Lightweight packaging

Our bag-in-box solutions are lightweight without compromising on barrier or durability.

Low-emission solution

Our packaging is designed to have a minimal impact on the environment.

Less energy-intensive

By design, our bag-in-box packaging is less energy-intensive throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Lower plastic content

Our bag-in-box solutions use up to 90% less plastics vs alternatives.

Optimized product-to-package ratio

Our bag-in-box solutions allow you to pack more product with less material.

SIG Terra bag-in-box solutions

We are very ambitious about the sustainability of our bag-in-box solutions. Our ultimate goal is to retain the inherent environmental benefits of bag-in-box, like their lower material use and carbon footprint, while making every pack easily recyclable.

Bag-in-box packaging

We invented bag-in-box packaging over 70 years ago and combine decades of experience with deep industry understanding to bring exceptional value to our customers, delivering their products to market in exactly the way they were intended, whether they need retail, foodservice, bulk, or industrial bag-in-box.