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Rethink all you know - Bag-in-Box

Simple is better

For SIG Terra, we strive for simple material compositions. By simplifying the materials used in our packaging with cutting-edge material science and expertise we future-proof our bag-in-box system.

Our 100% recycle-ready commitment

By 2025, we aim to offer 100% recycle-ready bag-in-box packaging solutions for the retail and foodservice channels to support the circular economy.

As light as possible

or: not 1 gram more. We are optimizing the polymer usage in our packaging as much as possible without losing functional properties, offering lightest alternatives vs. other substrates.

Water packaging for the future

Deliver great-tasting water in a bulk format featuring the world’s first circular, recycle-ready bag-in-box package, as recognized by the Association of Plastic Recyclers. This can replace rigid PET bottles and significantly reduce the amount of plastic per liter of water.

SIG Terra OptiTap 2300: Recycle-ready + Full barrier

The SIG Terra OptiTap 2300 combines sustainability and efficiency in an on-tap bag-in-box solution. This solution has a recycle-ready structure and reduces overall plastics use compared to rigid alternatives like PET water bottles. 

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The alternative dairy packaging

SIG Terra PourCap 1400: Recycle-ready + Full barrier

Reducing product and time waste are critical for business profitability. That's where the SIG Terra PourCap 1400 comes in: Deliver fresh dairy and plant-based dairy for foodservice applications in an easy-to-use, lightweight and recycle-ready format.

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SIG Terra OptiTap 1100

Offer a cost-effective, self-closing thumb toggle valve for easy beverage dispensing with the SIG Terra OptiTap 1100 Bag-in-Box.

SIG Terra OptiTap

Provide a simple, cost-effective, on-tap experience to your customers with this classic, self-closing toggle valve bag-in-box package.

SIG Terra PourCap 8100

Ensure easy pouring and optimal product freshness while providing a simple bag-in-box interface with maximum protection and a screw cap with secondary tamper-evident plug.

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SIG Terra: industry-leading sustainable packaging innovations

SIG Terra is our marker for sustainable packaging innovations, which we constantly evolve for better. Leveraging our R&D expertise and unique filling technology, we achieved a track record of industry-firsts in simplifying structures and reducing the weight of packaging, with milestones including the world's first aseptic carton with no aluminum layer in 2010 and the world's first recycle-ready bag-in-box for water in 2021.