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Rethink all you know - Spouted Pouch

Simple is better

For SIG Terra, we strive for simple material compositions. By simplifying the materials used in our packaging with cutting-edge material science and expertise we future-proof our spouted pouch system.

Our 100% recycle-ready commitment

By 2025, we aim to offer recycle-ready products in our spouted pouch portfolio to support the circular economy.

Up to 60% less

Our standard products come with great material efficiency. With SIG Terra, this becomes even stronger by further reducing the packaging weight, especially driven by up to 60% lighter fitments vs. standard fitments.

Our goal: zero littering

With SIG Terra, we ensure linking the cap to the pouch and strive for zero littering. 

The SIG Terra portfolio of spouted pouches removes unnecessary complexity by simplifying material structures. With responsibly sourced polymers, we create lightweight, recycle-ready structures that ensure convenience during end-of-life.

SIG Terra RecShield

We have designed SIG Terra RecShield to ease the recycling process for spouted pouches. With a simplified material structure that does not compromise on barrier or performance, our customers have peace of mind that their product is delivered to consumers in just the way they intend.

The fitment is made from the same type of plastic as the film. We have addressed the challenge of creating a robust hermetic seal by developing the diamond sealboat on the spout, enabling tight sealing without compromising recyclability. By combining these elements, we have created a future-proof spouted pouch system for a circular economy.


Introducing tethered closures across our entire portfolio will also help ensure that the caps can be recycled together with the packs. 

SIG Terra WingCap 85 Linked Pouch Full barrier + Recycle-ready

High-barrier technology. Single-piece fitment.

SIG Terra ReadiFlip Cap 106 Pouch Full barrier + Recycle-ready

High-barrier technology. Single-piece fitment.

SIG Terra OmniCap 150 Linked Pouch Full barrier + Recycle-ready

High-barrier technology. Integrated hinge.

SIG Terra OmniCap 117 Pouch Full barrier + Recycle-ready

High-barrier technology. Less material.

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SIG Terra: industry-leading sustainable packaging innovations

SIG Terra is our marker for sustainable packaging innovations, which we constantly evolve for better. Leveraging our R&D expertise and unique filling technology, we achieved a track record of industry-firsts in simplifying structures and reducing the weight of packaging, with milestones including the world's first aseptic carton with no aluminum layer in 2010 and the world's first recycle-ready bag-in-box for water in 2021.