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Responsible culture

Our sustainability commitments are underpinned by our culture of responsibility. We take a responsible approach across the value chain – sourcing certified materials from responsible suppliers, supporting our own employees and keeping them safe, managing environmental impacts from our operations, engaging communities, and acting with integrity in everything we do.

Our supply chain

We strive to work with suppliers that share our commitment to act responsibly and support us in sourcing sustainable raw materials.

All our suppliers are expected to meet our responsibility requirements by upholding high ethical, labor, safety and environmental standards. 

We are committed to sourcing the A-materials that go into our carton packs – paperboard, polymers, aluminum foil, ink and solvents – from certified, responsible sources. Third-party audits and certifications such as FSC™, ASI and ISCC PLUS allow us to trace raw materials to responsible sources.

Human rights

We strive to identify, prevent and manage negative potential and actual human rights impacts in our operations, supply chain and with respect to our major business relationships.

Our commitment to promoting fair labor practices and upholding labor rights in our own  operations is reinforced by two-yearly SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audits (SMETA) at our production sites.

We also extend requirements and expectations on human and labour rights to suppliers to protect supply chain workers.

Our people

Around 8,700 employees around the world support the success of our business. We strive to  create a supportive, inclusive and open working environment where our people feel valued, recognized and rewarded for what they do. 

Women represent 40% of our Group Executive Board and we aim to increase the number of women in leadership positions to 30% by 2025, supported by initiatives such as our new Women Acceleration Program.

Engagement levels remain strong and we continue to invest in training and development for all employees.

Health, safety & wellbeing

We strive to ensure everyone can go home safe and well every day.


Our Life Saving Rules target the biggest risks to our people and our robust health and safety
management systems drive continuous improvement. The lost-time case rate for our aseptic carton business decreased from 0.62 in 2016 to 0.35 per 200,000 hours worked in 2022.

We also take a holistic approach to supporting health and wellbeing to enable our employees to lead fuller, more productive lives both at work and at home.

Environmental management

Our environmental responsibility starts with our own operations.


We have strong environmental management systems to help us monitor and manage our impacts – from minimizing use of resources such as energy, materials and water to reducing, reusing and recycling waste as much as possible.

Our efforts to eliminate waste to landfill, optimize resource use and conserve energy in our operations support our wider Climate+ and Resource+ action areas.


We engage and support our communities to understand how we can make a difference as part of our wider ambition to deliver positive societal impact.

We contribute through local community engagement programs, led by our network of Future+ ambassadors with support from employee volunteers. We also channel support for wider  communities through the SIG Foundation, which focuses on projects that strengthen civil society and create positive impact for the environment.

Governance & ethics

We are committed to acting professionally and with integrity in everything we do, abiding by the ethical principles set out in the SIG Code of Conduct.

All employees are trained on the SIG Code of Conduct as part of their induction when they join the business and are expected to complete mandatory refresher training every year. 

We encourage people to speak up if they have any questions or concerns and provide a  confidential Integrity & Compliance Hotline. We are committed to investigating all concerns and taking appropriate action.