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Industrial bag-in-box packaging

Count on our industrial-sized flexible IBCs, tote liners, and drum liners to safely store and transport your liquid products in packaging that offers cost savings throughout the supply chain.

Why industrial bag-in-box?

When freshness and food waste reduction is top-of-mind, count on SIG’s industrial-sized bag-in-box packaging to extend the freshness of your products well beyond the harvest season. With aseptic load, storage, and unload capabilities, our packaging will protect and deliver your products in exactly the way you intend.

Our packaging...

Protects quality

Protect and deliver your products in the way you intend with barrier films and hermetic fitments for a complete, aseptic bag-in-box package.

Aseptic technology

Offer extended shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetable products without preservatives or refrigeration.

Protecting your agricultural products

Barrier films and hermetic fitments protect your product from fill through end use. When utilized with our aseptic bulk packaging, your fruits and vegetables maintain their freshness well beyond the harvest season. 

  • Safely deliver ingredients and base materials to your production facility
  • Aseptic bag-in-box offers optimized flavors, colors, and nutrients
  • Sterile, closed-loop systems protect your products from exposure

Sustainable bulk packaging solutions

When sustainability is top-of-mind, count on our industrial bag-in-box packaging to empower you on your journey. With our aseptic, bulk-sized bag-in-box, both waste and carbon are immensely reduced as compared to a standard bulk pack format.

  • Extended shelf life and reduced food waste with aseptic packaging technology
  • Flexible liners allow reuse of rigid bulk containers like IBCs and drums
  • Less water needed to clean and service bulk containers

Save and streamline

For over 70 years, we’ve pioneered innovative bag-in-box solutions that protect food and chemical products from fill through end-use. Bag-in-box packaging is UN-certifiable and offers cost savings and efficiencies throughout your supply chain.

  • Arrives at your plant and stores flat, optimizing inbound logistics
  • Creates shipping and storage efficiencies
  • Leaves less packaging waste behind
  • Less resources used to clean and service bulk containers
  • Independence from cold chain logistics due to the ability to fill, store, and unload aseptically

Complete industrial packaging solutions

Combine our barrier films with highly-engineered fitments for a complete bulk bag-in-box packaging solution.

Barrier films

Our barrier films are engineered to protect your products throughout their entire lifecycle, no matter what the distribution chain throws your way. Our state-of-the-art films and laminates are designed to focus on optimized functionality and fit for your product.

Hermetic fitments

Our industrial filling and dispensing fitments allow you to safely aseptically fill, transport, and dispense your products and ingredients in secure packaging that offers cost savings and reduced stress throughout the supply chain.

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