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Improving access to nutrition & cutting food waste

Helping our customers deliver nutrition and hydration to people around the world is our core business and the purpose of our company. We’re proud of the role that our packs play in the global food system – bringing safe and affordable food and drink to millions of people every day.


SIG packs are specifically engineered to protect the nutrients in the foods they carry. They help minimize food waste by keeping harvested food fresh for longer without refrigeration, preservatives, or high sugar content.


We want our packaging systems to provide safe and nutritious food and drink to even more people in markets where it can make a difference. And we’re committed to going further to reduce food waste by minimizing food loss during filling and sharing our technology to pack and store excess food in our communities.

“We’re excited to continue shaping the global food system for the better by supporting our customers bring nutritious food to people, minimizing food loss and waste, and helping start-ups to make nutritious and sustainable new products.”


Angela Lu
President and General Manager, Asia-Pacific South

Our commitment: more nutrition for more people

Our company goal: To deliver even more safe and nutritious food and drink to people around the world


By 2030, we plan to increase the total volume of nutritious food and beverage products that our packs bring to consumers by 50% (compared to 2020 baseline).


We want to use our packaging systems for good. So, we are actively seeking more work with clients that provide nutritious food and drink and helping them to reach more people in the markets where it can make a difference.

SIG Incubator

SIG supports start-ups to launch nutritious new food and beverage products through our SIG Incubator program. Successful applicants get access to advice, expertise, and consumer-focused insights – and use of our filling machines either at our own Tech Centers or at existing SIG customers’ plants.

Since we launched the program in 2020, SIG Incubator alumni have gone on to prosper. GROUNDED, one of the very first participants, launched its plant-based protein shakes with a major UK online retailer and was named one of the Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies in 2022 by London Daily News. We collaborated closely with the GROUNDED team to test prototypes and bring the shakes to market.

Adding bag-in-box and spouted pouches to our portfolio gives us the opportunity to expand the amount and types of nutritious food we help customers deliver – by providing solutions for products like fruit and vegetable purees as well as larger sizes of milk products.

Our commitment: reduce food waste

Our product promise: To minimize waste and utilize excess resource for good Approximately 40% of all food grown around the world goes uneaten. This worsens food shortages and significantly contributes to climate change and biodiversity loss.


Our packs already play a valuable role in minimizing food waste by keeping harvested food fresh for longer. But we’re committed to going further by minimizing food loss during filling by our customers and supporting communities to turn food loss into safe nutrition.


Preventing food loss and waste supports the principles of a circular economy by reducing waste and saves valuable greenhouse gas emissions – contributing to our Resource+ and Climate+ ambitions.

Minimizing food loss during filling by our customers

Our highly efficient filling machines lead the industry with a waste rate of 0.5% or less. This minimizes the number of packs wasted in the filling process and the potential loss of food products inside.


SIG Neo, our next-generation machine for family-size aseptic cartons, is designed to cut our waste rate even further. Our bag-in-box and spouted pouch solutions offer very high evacuation rates to minimize food waste during use and SIG Dome, our aseptic carton bottle, is perfectly designed for complete emptying.


By 2030, we will further reduce our aseptic cartons filling machines’ maximum average technical food and beverage loss rate during filling to under 0.3%.

Sharing our filling technology

We are excited about the role that our filling technologies can play in helping rural communities to reduce food loss by preserving surplus crops that would otherwise be wasted.


We share our technology with communities in Bangladesh through our innovative Cartons for Good initiative, led by the SIG Foundation.

Spotlight on

Cartons For Good

The SIG Foundation brings Cartons for Good and mobile filling units to rural communities so they can preserve their surplus vegetables in long-life cartons before they go to waste. The food is then distributed to local schools, and the packs are collected for recycling at a local facility.