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Integrity & Compliance Hotline

Integrity is one of our core values. Operating ethically and adopting fair business practices is fundamental to our responsible culture, essential to comply with applicable laws and regulations, and critical to protect our reputation and maintain stakeholder trust. We encourage people to speak up if they have any question or concern, without fear of retaliation. Our Integrity & Compliance Hotline is one of the channels to report an issue or concern.


The Hotline is available to all SIG employees, as well as to external stakeholders such as investors, suppliers and customers, or other business partners. It is also available to any person who wants to raise a concern regarding human rights or the environment related to our own operations or our suppliers' business activities.

How to report an issue or concern

Our Integrity & Compliance Hotline is available 24/7. You can submit a report in English or many local languages via a webform or via telephone. If you wish, you may submit a report anonymously (unless prohibited by local legislation).


Please include a detailed description of the issue or concern (who, what, where, when and how). If possible, please add supporting evidence, such as copies of documents or names of witnesses. The more precise and comprehensive information your report contains, the better we can investigate and take appropriate action.


When submitting a report, you will get an individual case number. You need this number to follow up on your initial report or to submit additional information. Please regularly check the status of your report since we may have clarifying questions or require further information.

How we investigate reports

SIG’s Group Legal & Compliance function, headed by our Chief Compliance Officer, will lead any investigation. We investigate all reported concerns.


We acknowledge receipt of a report within 5 days. We might also ask for additional information or evidence. Based on the investigation results, we will take appropriate actions. These may include disciplinary actions, implementation of process improvements or other remediation measures.



The process is confidential to SIG, except in cases where we may be required by law or regulations to disclose certain information to law enforcement authorities or government agencies.  

No retaliation


SIG encourages openness and the reporting of any issue or concern in good faith. SIG prohibits retaliation of any kind in connection with such reporting.