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Optimiser tous les angles

Dans la première partie de notre série sur SIG Plant 360 Controller, nous examinons comment cette nouvelle solution numérique peut aider à transformer tous les aspects des opérations d’une usine de remplissage
In part one of our spotlight series on SIG Plant 360 Controller, we look at how this new digital solution can help transform every aspect of a filling plant’s operations
Higher demands. Growing competition. Ever-shorter production cycles. Manufacturers today will know their filling plants are having to operate in extremely challenging conditions. And it’s an environment made even more complex with multiple plant systems running independently, an increasing number of data sources, and equipment often coming from several different suppliers. To help food and beverage manufacturers overcome these operational challenges, SIG set out to develop a new digital monitoring and control solution – one that can help optimise every angle of a filling plant’s operations, from raw material reception to warehouse, and from shop floor to top floor. SIG’s Plant 360 Controller is designed to cover the entire food and beverage production. Crucially, it’s built as a modular solution that can be scaled to suit a manufacturer’s exact needs. And as it features open software, it’s compatible with equipment and machinery from any supplier, meaning that manufacturers have complete freedom of choice over their technology partners. With the Plant 360 Controller, manufacturers can gradually integrate all horizontal plant processes and systems into one platform, while also adding more functionalities to grow vertically. And by digitizing their entire operations, they can steadily replace inefficient paper-based systems.
Achieving digital transformation
The benefits of this digital transformation are far reaching. Not only can manufacturers secure real-time monitoring of their entire plant in one platform, they can analyse data to improve OEE, product quality and energy use. And they can ensure transparent information across all operating levels together with end-to-end traceability – from raw materials to finished product. SIG Plant 360 Controller enables food and beverage manufacturers to gain a full overview of their entire production. So, with more digital monitoring and control, they can overcome today’s operational challenges, unlock new digital opportunities and be ready for future industry demands. Don’t miss part two of our spotlight series on SIG Plant 360 Controller where we’ll dive deeper into the solution’s different modules to explore how they work. Want to know more about SIG Plant 360 Controller in the meantime? Contact us now or read about our other Smart Factory solutions. And to ensure you stay ahead of the big issues shaping your business, subscribe to the SIGnals Update for a rundown of our latest news and stories.
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  • janvier 22, 2019