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Foodservice packaging

Our bag-in-box, aseptic cartons, and spouted pouches offer foodservice outlets strong, safe, secure, and easy-to-use packaging solutions for the foodservice space.

We design our bag-in-box, carton, and spouted pouch solutions with the fast-paced foodservice environment in mind. While working closely with end-users, we create easy-to-use products that work with nearly any dispensing or application system on the market.

Why SIG packaging for foodservice applications?

Count on our bag-in-box, aseptic cartons, and spouted pouches to offer foodservice outlets strong, safe, secure, and easy-to-use packages of food, beverage, and cleaning products that help improve their speed of service. Our packaging:

  • Provides sterile, closed-loop systems that keep products and their end-users safe from exposure
  • Offers sustainable packaging solutions enabling to prevent product and packaging waste
  • Boasts up to 99% product evacuation from bag-in-box and pouch
  • Has simple hoses and quick-connect systems for reliable, consistent dispensing
  • Is precise, for controlled mixing and consistent quality
  • Can fill and dispense low- or high-acid products from a single-fitment package
  • Offers easy disconnection with less mess for dispenser cleaning protocols

Our packaging is...


Our packaging solutions ensure maximum product evacuation, leaving behind less waste, while using less material to protect and deliver your product than a standard rigid package.


Our bag-in-box and pouch products power dispensing systems around the world. Any flowable product dispenses safely, efficiently, and thoroughly with our complete dispensing systems.

Protects quality

Protect and deliver your products in the way you intend with barrier films and hermetic fitments with secure connection systems for a complete foodservice package.


Extend the freshness of your products and store preservative-free products without cold chain with our patented aseptic packaging technology.

Reduced waste

Our innovative packaging technology combines strong, high-barrier structures, ergonomic, secure closures, with top-of-the-line filling equipment to ensure that your product is protected from fill through end use, in a way that minimizes waste throughout the product and packaging lifecycle.

  • Aseptic packaging technology can extend unopened shelf life up to a year
  • Ergonomic, easy-to-use connection systems
  • Optimized product evacuation
  • Optimized product-to-package ratio, leaving minimal waste volume

Streamline and save

For over 100 years, we’ve pioneered innovative spouted pouch, carton, and bag-in-box solutions that protect liquid food, beverage, and non-food products from fill through end-use. Our packaging systems offer cost savings and efficiencies throughout your supply chain.

  • Packaging arrives at your plant flat, optimizing inbound logistics
  • Smaller package footprint when filled compared to most rigid packages
  • Better cube efficiency than rigid containers like jugs and bottles, so more products fit on a pallet, reducing the number of trucks on the road
  • Multi-serve packages available in sizes up to 20L
  • Ability to pack products in concentrate and add water later, reducing the amount of water you ship

Speed of service

Using bag-in-box and spouted pouch dispensing systems allow you to improve speed of service, product quality and consistency, while reducing product and packaging waste throughout the product lifecycle.

  • Bag-in-box and pouch connector systems work seamlessly with a myriad of dispensing equipment
  • Dosing systems ensure consistent product taste and quality at each location
  • Patented evacuation technology leaves minimal product behind with over 99% product evacuation
  • Pre-mixed products dispense through bag-in-box and pouch at the push of a button, reducing customer wait times

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Want to know more?

Exclusive report

Download our exclusive report to get an in-depth view into the foodservice industry, its challenges and the road ahead including insights from our in-house expert.

Complete foodservice packaging solutions

Combine our barrier structures, highly-engineered closures and connection systems, and state-of-the-art filling equipment for a complete foodservice packaging solution.

Barrier films

Our barrier films are engineered to protect your products throughout their entire lifecycle, no matter what the distribution chain throws your way. Our state-of-the-art films and laminates are designed to focus on optimized functionality and fit for your product.

Intuitive dispensing fitments

Our easy-to-use, ergonomic dispensing fitments and connectors keep your product safe from fill through end consumption in a secure package that offers a variety of sustainability benefits.

Volume flexibility

Every SIG carton pack offers multiple filling volumes - enabling our customers to choose the right volume for each consumption occasion.

Featured products

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1000 - 2000ml / 33.8 - 67.6fl oz
SIG Versi Connect 1900
1.5 - 20L / 0.4 - 5gal
SIG Versi Connect 2750
5 - 20L / 1.3 - 5gal
SIG CleanClic Connect Pouch
56.7 - 1000g / 2 - 33.8oz