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Bag-in-box packaging

We invented bag-in-box packaging over 70 years ago and combine decades of experience with deep industry understanding to bring exceptional value to our customers, delivering their products to market in exactly the way they were intended, whether they need retail, foodservice, bulk, or industrial bag-in-box.

The clever choice for efficient performance

Reduction is key to how we approach sustainability. Our bag-in-box packaging has a higher product-to-package ratio, which means more product can be packed with less material.


Reduction applies to more than just the packaging material used - we strive to help you reduce product waste as well. Because bag-in-box collapses as your product is dispensed, you can see over 99% product evacuation in most cases, regardless of product viscosity. The positive flow of our fitment and connector systems keep oxygen from entering the package, allowing for an extended open shelf life and giving your consumers ample time to use every last drop. 


Flexibility in package volume gives you valuable access to multiple sales channels, from retail to foodservice to industrial processing. Bag-in-box is designed to fit any container size or shape, giving your brand the opportunity to truly stand out from the competition. And, with our state-of-the-art bag-in-box filling lines, you can flexibly fill many volumes with a variety of fitments on the same filling machine.

Use occasions

Bag-in-box at home

Offer your products on-tap in multi-use packaging that prolongs their open shelf life. Our innovative bag-in-box packaging solutions are engineered to protect your products from fill through final dispense.

  • Shelf-stable, preservative-free products with aseptic bag-in-box technology
  • Multi-use, shatter-proof packaging that’s still portable
  • Optimized product-to-package ratio, leaving minimal waste volume
Bag-in-box at home

Foodservice bag-in-box

We design bag-in-box products with fast-paced foodservice settings in mind. We create easy-to-use products that work with nearly any dispensing system on the market.

  • Sterile, closed-loop bag-in-box systems protect your product
  • Up to 99% product evacuation
  • Simple hoses and quick-connect systems offer reliable, consistent dispensing
  • Ability to fill and dispense aseptic products from a single-fitment package
Foodservice bag-in-box

Industrial bag-in-box

Safely and efficiently deliver your high-volume products with industrial bag-in-box packaging. Our industrial bag-in-box packaging protects and safely delivers up to 1300L of your product for further processing as needed, on your timetable.

  • Flexible liners allow reuse of rigid bulk containers like IBCs and drums
  • Less water needed to clean and service bulk containers
  • Bulk aseptic packaging allows your freshly picked produce maintain their quality beyond the harvest season
Industrial bag-in-box

Bag-in-box for ecommerce

Offer your products in easy-to-ship, ecommerce-friendly bag-in-box packaging. Our innovative solutions are engineered to protect your products from fill through final dispense, no matter what the distribution chain throws your way.

  • Offer family-size and refill products in SIOC, compact by design pack formats
  • Shatter-proof packaging that minimizes product leaks and spoilage
  • Facilitates reduced touches in logistics
  • Shelf-stable, preservative-free products with aseptic packaging technology

Bag-in-box products

SIG FlexTap
1.5 - 20L / 0.4 - 5gal
SIG Terra OptiTap 1100
1.5 - 10L / 0.4 - 2.6gal
SIG Terra OptiTap
1.5 - 20L / 0.4 - 5gal
SIG Versi Connect 1900
1.5 - 20L / 0.4 - 5gal
SIG PureFlow Connect
5 - 10L / 1.3 - 2.6gal
SIG PourCap 6300
1.5 - 1300L / 0.4 - 330gal
SIG HoseCap 600
1.5 - 20L / 0.4 - 5gal
SIG SteriSeal Cap 1700
10 - 1300L / 2.6 - 330gal
SIG SteriSeal Cap 5100
10 - 1300L / 2.6 - 330gal
SIG SteriSeal Cap 3400
10 - 1300L / 2.6 - 330gal
SIG SteriSeal Cap 5900
20 - 1300L / 5 - 330gal
SIG Terra OptiTap 2300 Bag-in-Box package for water
SIG Terra OptiTap 2300
3 - 20L / 0.8 - 5gal
SIG MaxxTap
3 - 20L / 0.8 - 5gal
SIG CellarTap
1.5 - 20L / 0.4 - 5gal
SIG Terra PourCap 1400
1.5 - 20L / 0.4 - 5gal
SIG Terra PourCap 8100
1.5 - 220L / 0.4 - 55gal
SIG QuickSeal Connect
1.5 - 20L / 0.4 - 5gal
SIG Sentry Connect
1.5 - 20L / 0.4 - 5gal
SIG FastFlow Connect
1.5 - 20L / 0.4 - 5gal
SIG Terra Jerribox
20L / 5gal
SIG SteriSeal Cap 800
1.5 - 1300L / 0.4 - 330gal
SIG SteriSeal Spout 8900
1.5 - 1300L / 0.4 - 330gal
SIG SteriSeal Plug 2600
3 - 1300L / 0.8 - 330gal

Your complete bag-in-box system

Film for bag-in-box

Using scientifically-proven blends, we engineer our films and laminates to protect and deliver your products in the way you intend.

Fitments for bag-in-box

Our tried-and-true fitments go through rigorous testing to ensure hermetic seals and ergonomic designs.

Equipment for bag-in-box

Patented equipment technology allows our filling equipment solutions to support you on your growth journeys.

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