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SIG Annual General Meeting 2019

The 2019 Annual General Meeting of SIG took place on 11 April 2019.

SIG Annual General Meeting approved all proposals of Board of Directors

At the first Annual General Meeting after the IPO in September 2018, the shareholders of SIG voted in favour of all the Board of Directors’ proposals by a large majority.


261,763,766 votes or about 81.8 percent of the share capital were represented at SIG’s Annual General Meeting (“AGM”), which was held at the BBC Arena in Schaffhausen on 11 April 2019. At the first AGM following SIG’s return to SIX Swiss Exchange, Chairman Andreas Umbach warmly welcomed the new shareholders and, together with CEO Rolf Stangl and CFO Samuel Sigrist, looked back on a successful year. SIG has continued its geographic and product expansion and sees multiple further growth opportunities based on resilient end markets, differentiated technology and innovation.


The AGM approved all proposals, including a cash dividend of CHF 0.35 per registered share for the year 2018, to be paid out of capital contribution reserves. The dividend distribution is scheduled for 25 April, 2019.


The AGM also approved the Compensation Report 2018 as well as the compensation of the Board of Directors until the 2020 AGM and of the Executive Board for the financial year 2020.


The AGM further elected all nominees for the Board of Directors and Compensation Committee and re-elected Andreas Umbach as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Media Release - SIG Annual General Meeting approved all proposals of the Board of Directors (English language)

Protokoll der ordentlichen Generalversammlung

Invitation Annual General Meeting (English language)

Einladung zur Generalversammlung (German language)