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Making a splash with Aquasplash Limited

We're willing to take on any challenge here at SIG. In the 1970s, we were leading the way, figuring out how to package high-acid items like tomatoes so produce would be available and safe to consume year-round. In the 80s, we took on low-acid items, specifically dairy, and developed innovative packaging strategies to make dairy items easier to ship and preserve. And lately, we've focused on safely packaging our most essential resource: water


Although it might seem simple, packaging water presents unique challenges. But with our patented SIG Terra 2Pure film, specifically designed for keeping water free of odors or contaminants, we were able to help Aquasplash Ltd expand its reach and bring their water, sourced from Te Waihou Reserve's Blue Spring located on the outskirts of Putaruru, South Waikato, New Zealand, to all. 

The challenge: preserving what makes Aquasplash unique

Aquasplash knows its water is extraordinary: it offers significant health benefits due to its silica content. As a company, Aquasplash has always strived to ensure its water gets to the people and places where it is most needed—and plastic bottles weren't going to cut it. 


We worked with Aquasplash to develop a bag-in-box solution utilizing our SIG Terra 2Pure film that would travel safely, provide convenience and ease of use to drinkers, and preserve what makes Aquasplash water special. 

The solution: Water on tap with bag-in-box

Aquasplash has used SIG bag-in-box packaging for the past few years to deliver water to fellow New Zealanders and beyond, expanding its reach to China. They've found that customers prefer the bag-in-box package for its ergonomic, on-tap benefits, allowing drinkers an easy way to refill reusable water bottles. 


The bag-in-box packaging also allows customers to store water in the refrigerator or travel along to games, picnics, beaches, and more! With our patented SIG Terra 2Pure film for water, this package offers significantly less waste than traditional rigid bottles.

The result: slashing transport costs and greenhouse gases

As a brand known for its passion for delivering fresh water sustainably, bag-in-box was the perfect fit for Aquasplash. 


With bag-in-box, Aquasplash can minimize its environmental impact: the boxes are fully recyclable, while the 10L bags hold the equivalent of 20 bottles of water without the weight, raw materials, or greenhouse gases associated with manufacturing or transporting rigid plastic bottles. 


If you’re ready to get started—or make a splash—with bag-in-box water, drop us a line!