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Ready-to-drink cocktail packaging solutions

Consumers thirst for alternative pack formats for their ready-to-drink cocktails. SIG's bag-in-box and carton packaging provide eco-conscious solutions that keep your RTDs safe and fresh from fill through end-use.

Innovative packaging for a new generation

The ready-to-drink cocktail market has seen tremendous growth over the last few years. Younger demographics are branching out from the beer and wine aisle and into elevated, mixed cocktails. Some of this is a result of health drivers, with cocktails–especially juice-based–perceived as better-for-you, and overall lower alcohol consumption. Younger millennials and older Gen-Z seem to agree on one thing… experimenting in the wide world of ready-to-drink cocktails can be a lot of fun! Brand owners around the world are breaking into this growing category with innovative packaging formats that open up new use occasions for consumers to enjoy their cocktails. Our environmentally-responsible packaging options include bag-in-box and carton.

Smart resource use

Compared to heavy glass bottles, bag-in-box and carton packaging offer significant carbon reduction from manufacturing through filled package distribution.

Alternative formats

Brands are responding to consumer and environmental pressures, launching ready-to-drink alcoholic products in bag-in-box and carton formats.

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Bag-in-box packaging for ready-to-drink cocktails

  • Ideal for multi-use dispensing occasions from parties and picnics
  • Longer opened shelf life than bottles with superior product evacuation
  • Systems available for products with aseptic requirements
  • Minimize your environmental impact through source reduction

Bag-in-box is a great way to stand out on shelves and make sure your customers get to enjoy the party too. With ready-to-drink cocktails on-tap, consumers can simply set up their bag-in-box in a convenient location and get back to the fun.

Stand out in crowded retail aisles and at parties and events by offering RTDs in unique, multi-serve packaging with benefits like:

  • Ergonomic, on-tap dispensing
  • Extended freshness and longer shelf life with barrier films and taps that keep oxygen from entering the package
  • Ability to dispense nearly every last drop inside
  • SIOC-compliant bag-in-box for shipping cocktail subscriptions safely and securely

For bars, cruise ships, and other foodservice environments, you can safely dispense cocktail mixes beverages with our closed-loop systems that keep air out, extending freshness once opened by up to four weeks. Our bag-in-box products are designed with fast-paced, institutional operations in mind with:

  • Simple hoses and quick-connect systems for reliable dispensing
  • Secure, shatter-proof packaging
  • Improved evacuation to maximize profits and minimize waste
  • Easy storage with smaller packaging footprint - great for when space is at a premium

Bag-in-box packaging is ideal for...

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We’re on a journey to create packaging for better

Packaging that gives more to people and the planet than it takes out.


Removing more carbon than we emit

Carton packaging for ready-to-drink cocktails

  • Aseptic beverage cartons providing a safe and stable packaging solution
  • Option to choose a beverage carton, which can be linked up to 95% to forest-based renewable materials lowering the packs CO2 footprint
  • Flexibly choose between different filling volumes
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Carton packaging is ideal for...

Carton technology for ready-to-drink cocktails


We’ve created the world’s first aluminum-free aseptic carton and are bringing that technology to the RTD cocktail category.

Filling equipment

Our carton fillers are built to manage low-alcohol beverages in the safest, most-efficient way possible.

We deliver value for you by thinking end-to-end. Always.

Learn more about our solutions, from product innovation to packaging systems to smart production.

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SIG believes in a sustainable future for our planet. Through intelligent design and engineering, we’re making better packaging for a better world.

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