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Post-mix syrup packaging solutions

Bag-in-box and pouch packaging keeps your products fresh from fill through final dispensing, delivering syrup precisely for a perfect mix.

Evolving the world of post-mix syrup in foodservice

Post-mix syrup is pivotal in the dynamic landscape of beverage service, offering unparalleled versatility and efficiency in drink preparation. Central to everything from casual cafes to upscale dining, these syrups enable a wide range of beverage offerings, from classic sodas to creative mixed drinks. The focus in this category is on maintaining the delicate balance of flavor, quality, and shelf life, which is where advanced packaging solutions come into play. Recycle-ready and designed for operational efficiency, modern packaging options are shaping how these syrups are stored, distributed, and used in various dining environments, aligning with current trends towards sustainability and consumer satisfaction.

Superior evacuation

The innovative, patented SIG DipStrip ensures up to 99% product evacuation, resulting in less waste and more revenue.

Seamless dispensing

Closed-loop bag-in-box connection systems offer precise, hygienic dispensing.

Smart dispensing

Innovative technology for streamlined, mass-customized beverage service, powered by bag-in-box and spouted pouch.

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Bag-in-box packaging for post-mix syrup

  • Trusted systems that dispense post-mix syrup precisely for a perfect mix
  • Versatility to deliver your soft drink product anywhere you need
  • Superior product evacuation with minimized leaks and spills
  • Solutions that leave less product and packaging waste behind

As a market-leading flexible packaging company, we are trusted by the world’s top soft drink companies. Our innovative bag-in-box systems include a wide range of barrier films, intuitive, dispensing fitments, and state-of-the-art filling equipment for a complete packaging solution engineered to protect your beverage concentrates and post-mix syrups from fill through final dispensing. Our patented evacuation technology ensures that over 99% of your product is evacuated from the bag.

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We’re on a journey to create packaging for better

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Removing more carbon than we emit

Pouch packaging for post-mix syrup

  • Better product-to-package ratio than other package formats
  • Improve operational and supply chain efficiency
  • Typically lower carbon footprint than single-flavor package alternatives
  • Bundle with bag-in-box packaging for HFCS in post-mix dispensers

Pouches engineered with quick-connect fitments and filled with highly-concentrated soft drink flavorings allow restaurants and quick-serve outlets to serve hundreds of flavors of drinks within a small footprint. By eliminating bulk packaging for individual flavors, you ship less weight and less water through the supply chain, greatly reducing your carbon footprint.

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