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Sour cream packaging solutions

Spouted pouch packaging provides easy-to-use, ergonomic, eco-conscious solutions that keep your sour cream safe and fresh from fill through end-use.

Sour cream packaging for the modern world

In a market where freshness and quality are paramount, sour cream stands as a staple in both culinary and consumer landscapes. SIG recognizes the need for packaging that not only preserves the integrity of sour cream but also aligns with the growing environmental and convenience concerns of today's consumers. Our innovative packaging solutions are designed to meet these challenges, offering sustainable, efficient, and versatile options for sour cream products, catering to both retail and foodservice demands.

Sustainability first

Recycle-ready packaging empowers you on your sustainability journey.

Save and streamline

Optimized product-to-package ratios for bag-in-box, carton, and spouted pouch let you pack more with less, while reducing your carbon footprint.

Versatile choices

A range of options for both retail and foodservice applications with a wide range of pack volumes spanning corner spout pouches to bag-in-box.

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Pouch packaging for sour cream

  • Clean, utensil-free usage in a pouch package that’s easy to “get it all out”
  • Typically lower carbon footprint than heavy rigid alternatives
  • Optimized product-to-package ratio, leaving less waste volume
  • Lightweight package with portion-control—take just what you need

Utilize this highly-convenient package format to offer retail consumers a range of options, including: portable pouches for occasions like camping and picnicking and reclosable, multi-serve pouches of sour cream.

Spouted pouch packaging is ideal for...

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