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Meal replacement packaging solutions

Sustainable carton and pouch packaging provide eco-conscious solutions that keep your meal replacements safe and fresh from fill through end-use.

Tailoring nutrition to modern, fast-paced lifestyles

With the ever-increasing demand for a healthier lifestyle, the need for meal replacements is continuously growing, mirroring trends observed in functional dairy. Catering to a wide audience, from busy professionals to health-conscious individuals, these products offer balanced nutrition in convenient formats. Whether it’s a shake, a bar, or a pre-mixed drink, meal replacements are designed to fit seamlessly into various lifestyles, providing essential nutrients without the need for time-consuming preparation. This aligns with the growing consumer emphasis on mental and physical well-being, where convenience does not detract from nutritional value.

Health: optimized

Aseptic packaging technology enables maximum nutritional benefit and convenience.


Sustainable packaging solutions align with environmentally-conscious consumers.


Hassle-free consumption for active lifestyles means consumers can take your products wherever life takes them

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Meal replacement applications

Carton packaging for meal replacements

  • Aseptic beverage cartons providing a safe and stable packaging solution (up to 12 months shelf life)
  • Option to choose a beverage carton, which can be linked up to 95% to forest-based renewable materials lowering the packs CO2 footprint even further
  • Flexibly choose between different packaging formats and filling volumes to cater to today’s and tomorrow’s consumer needs

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Pouch packaging for meal replacements

  • Clean, straw- and utensil-free usage in a lightweight package that’s easy to “get it all out”
  • Aseptic food pouches are shelf-stable, no refrigeration required
  • Typically lower carbon footprint than heavy rigid alternatives
  • Optimized product-to-package ratio, leaving less waste volume

With aseptic technology, you can offer meal replacements in perfectly portioned, portable packaging that requires no preservatives or refrigeration. Our spouted pouches are available in sizes as small as 50mL, up to larger, reclosable, multi-serve sizes.

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