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Automotive fluid packaging solutions

Bag-in-box and pouch packaging protect your automotive fluids, while making them easier to dispense and reducing hazards, costs, and product waste.

Adapt to evolving trends in automotive fluid packaging

The automotive fluids industry is witnessing a shift towards sustainability, with a significant emphasis on reducing material use. While there's an increasing demand for more environmentally friendly solutions, the unique nature of automotive fluid packaging presents distinct challenges, particularly in terms of recycling. SIG's packaging solutions for automotive fluids are designed with these industry trends in mind. Our bag-in-box and pouch packaging offer reduced plastic usage compared to traditional rigid packs, and are built for durability and efficiency.

Pack more with less

Lightweight bag-in-box and corner spout pouch packaging boast best-in-class product-to-package ratios, allowing you to pack more product with less plastic.

Waste reduction

Bag-in-box and pouch offer up to 99% product evacuation, resulting in less wasted product.

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Automotive fluid applications

Bag-in-box packaging for automotive fluids

  • Complete, secure systems that dispense nearly every drop inside
  • Solutions that reduce your environmental impact and leave less packaging and product waste behind
  • User-friendly fitments that eliminate splashing and glugging
  • UN-Certified packaging that minimizes costs throughout your supply chain
  • SIOC-compliant bag-in-box options open up ecommerce possibilities

Dispense the maximum amount of your automotive fluids with our innovative bag-in-box packaging. Our bag-in-box systems include a wide range of lightweight barrier film, ergonomic fitments, and state-of-the-art filling equipment for a complete packaging solution engineered to protect your products and those who use them.


Stand out in crowded retail aisles by offering all kinds of automotive fluids—from battery acid and motor oil, to fuel additives and other lubricants—in unique, multi-use packaging with benefits like:

  • Ergonomic, on-tap dispensing
  • SIOC-compliant options to open up ecommerce possibilities
  • Easy storage with a smaller packaging footprint


In body shops, dealerships, and oil change facilities, you can safely dispense nearly every drop of your automotive fluids with our bag and fitment systems that minimize user error while dispensing quickly and precisely. We design our bag-in-box systems with fast-paced, automotive business operations in mind providing:

  • Simple and secure connection systems that attach directly to dispensing equipment
  • Unique fitments that eliminate glugging and spills
  • Improved evacuation to maximize profits and minimize waste
  • Bag and fitment systems designed for both closed-loop and pour-out dispensing

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Pouch packaging for automotive fluids

  • Ship smarter with compact, flexible, ecommerce-ready pouches
  • Visibility of volume in a package that dispenses fluids with less mess
  • Typically lower carbon footprint than heavy, rigid alternatives
  • Better product-to-package ratio than rigid formats like bottles and jugs

Increase your market appeal by offering automotive fluids in this highly-convenient packaging. Reclosable, sustainable, corner spout pouches are easy to reach into tight, awkward places inside engines, and are perfect for smaller amounts of products such as axle grease, engine additives, and top-off fluids, so consumers can purchase just what they need.

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