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SIG MaxiBloc

Carton at its max - our large-size aseptic carton pack preserving the best of food for families and foodservice.
  • 5 volumes
  • Robust and perfect shape for transport and storage
  • Preserve the best of food without the need for preservatives or refrigeration

What is driving the demand for large-size packs?

  • In home consumption has been accelerated post-pandemic with consumers focused on cooking more healthy options at home
  • Affordability is a priority and consumers are re-thinking their spending patterns
  • Consumers are conscious of their individual carbon footprint, driving them to choose options that are better for the environment
  • Foodservice companies also have environmental goals in place and are increasingly opting for sustainable packaging alternatives

Matching equipment: SIG Maxi 6 Aseptic

  • 6,000 packages / hour
  • 5 volumes on one machine (1,000ml, 1,420ml, 1,500ml, 1,893ml, 2,000ml)
  • Volume changes within just a few minutes
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Available opening solutions

  • Perforations
  • One-step opening screw caps: SIG SwiftCap and SIG MaxxCap

Package sizes

1000ml/33.8fl oz
1420ml/48fl oz
1500ml/50.7fl oz
1893ml/64fl oz
2000ml/67.6fl oz

Available structures

Standard structures for NCSD and Liquid Dairy products
SIG Terra solutions

Use occasions