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SIG HoseCap 600

Provide consumers with an easy dispensing experience with the SIG HoseCap 600 bag-in-box package, designed for use with standard gravity dispensing systems.
  • ESL-capable
  • Ideal for gravity dispensing

Excellent product protection

The SIG HoseCap 600 bag-in-box is engineered to deliver exceptional results for dairy and non-dairy beverages, creamers, and yogurts. Its user-friendly design, reliable sealing, and superior product protection make it the preferred packaging choice.

  • Ideal for fresh dairy and plant-based milk products.
  • Works well in spring loaded valve and peristaltic pump systems.

Key features

The SIG HoseCap 600 features a two-position fitment designed for use with standard gravity dispensing systems of products like dairy and non-dairy beverages, creamers, and yogurts. This easy-to-use hose system works well for both spring-loaded valve, pinch point systems, as well as peristaltic pump systems, where both allow consumers simple, single-handed dispensing. Combine the SIG HoseCap 600 with our barrier film and state-of-the-art filling equipment for a total packaging solution that protects your product from fill through final dispense.

Known process applications


Occurs when a product is filled into a package with no additional sterilization treatment.

Ultra-clean (ESL)

Uses UV and/or hydrogen peroxide in combination with laminar flow to achieve high hygienic levels for short shelf-life products.

Package sizes


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Equipment solutions

SIG SureFill 40

This filler offers versatility and speed for a wide range of products and volumes.

  • Ideal for a wide range of products, including aseptically-processed products
  • Automatic, web-fed filler
  • Works well for products used in the foodservice channel

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Film and laminates

SIG FlexiTech Film

This mono-layer, metallocene-based polyethylene, non-barrier film was developed to provide strong seals and robust package performance.

  • Excellent protection from flex-cracking during transit
  • Robust structure with good puncture resistance

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Use occasions

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