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SIG Smile 24 Aseptic filling equipment

  • Up to 5 volumes on one machine
  • 24,000 packs per hour
  • Straw and closure applicator part of SIG delivery
  • Particulate filling possible

24,000 pph

  • SIG SmileSmall 24 Aseptic can flexibly fill four different volumes (180ml, 200ml, 220ml, and 250ml)
  • SIG SmileBig 24 Aseptic can fill five different volumes (200ml, 250ml, 300ml, 330ml, and 350ml)
  • Up to 24,000 packs per hour can be filled
  • 6 tracks
  • SIG Drinksplus possible
  • One trained operator can run the machine

Equipment solutions

SIG Smile is so much more than a pack. It’s part of our most complete filling line solution ever. This means you can get the carton sleeves, closure and filling machine, plus closure and straw applicators, as well as the right monitoring tools to maximize your production.

SIG Drinksplus - Adding value to your product

Stand out in a competitive market by creating more healthy and premium products. Our complete end-to-end solution enables you to create innovative products and fill added-value products, such as premium fruit juices and drinkable milk snacks. Add real and natural food pieces – such as fruit, vegetables or cereal grains – to your beverages:

  • Chunky product ingredients up to 10%
  • Particulates can be up to 6mm
  • Fibers up to 1x15mm
  • Viscosity can be up to 3,500mPas.

Formats and matching filling machines

SIG SmileSmall

SIG SmileSmall 24 Aseptic

SIG SmileBig

SIG SmileBig 24 Aseptic

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