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Baby & toddler food packaging solutions

Pouch packaging provides eco-conscious solutions that keep baby and toddler foods safe and fresh from fill through end-use.

Evolving packaging for the next generation

As babies grow into toddlers, their journey of self-feeding becomes a pivotal aspect of development. Parents are increasingly looking for baby and toddler food products that not only support this transition but also grow with their child. Packaging that facilitates easy self-feeding and adapts to the evolving needs of growing toddlers is in high demand. According to consumer insights, parents prioritize packaging that is safe, convenient, and fosters independence in their little ones. SIG's spouted pouches meet these criteria, offering easy-to-handle designs that encourage self-feeding while ensuring the nutritional integrity of the food. Additionally, our commitment to recycle-ready packaging resonates with environmentally-conscious parents who seek sustainable choices for their families.

Child-safe caps

Count on spouted pouches to keep your little ones safe with Toynorm-compliant and choke-resistant cap solutions.

Self-feeding made easy

Allow your tiniest consumers to feed themselves with easy-to-use spouted pouches.


Aseptic pouches ensure that the product inside retains maximum nutritional value for up to a year, without preservatives or cold chain logistics.

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Baby & toddler food applications


Pouch packaging for baby and toddler food

  • Aseptic pouches are shelf-stable, no refrigeration required
  • Clean, utensil-free usage in a package that’s easy to “get it all out”
  • Typically lower carbon footprint than heavy rigid alternatives
  • Better product-to-package ratio than rigid formats like glass jars and metal cans

Spouted pouches are ideal for baby and toddler foods. This popular, portable packaging is preferred by parents for its perfectly portioned, easy-to-use design, allowing babies and toddlers to feed themselves with less mess—no utensils required. Pouches are available in sizes as small as 50mL, up to larger, reclosable pouches.

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