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Keep things running with SIG Technical Services

SIG Technical Services keep your plant up and running

How we do it

At SIG, we form longstanding relationships with our partners and offer technical services to ensure your equipment works for the long haul.


We help optimize your plant operations for better.

The asset life cycle: from start to finish

We take care of the complete asset life cycle of equipment for our partners, meaning we're there with you from start to finish. We help you plan every step of the way.

Plan and commission

No matter where you're at, we can use our expertise and experience to help pick the right equipment for you.

Brownfield & Greenfield projects

We're experienced in Brownfield & Greenfield projects and can design turnkey-ready filling solutions, from line setup to turnover, to meet your manufacturing requirements.

Service Level Agreements

Our Service Level Agreements are designed to work within your budget, from flexible on-demand support to more hands-on maintenance and performance-focused assistance.

With our team of professionals ready to assist, we can plan and commission a variety of line setups:

  • Experts on hand with decades of experience in the food industry

  • Know-how across the board, from product processing to logistical handling

  • Equipment installation and validation for performance

  • Consulting services to pick the right equipment aligned with your goals, from sustainability to productivity

  • Flexibility to design solutions for Brownfield projects

Operate and maintain

We continue to work with you even after your line is installed—our service agreements are long-term commitments to keep your machinery operating, and we tailor solutions based on your needs.

SIG Maintenance Services

Our preventive & corrective solutions allow you to focus on bigger goals—we believe in proactive maintenance to maximize the value & lifespan of your equipment.

SIG Maintenance Services

SIG Training Services

Certified SIG trainers will educate on all aspects of equipment usage to help boost efficiency and keep staff engaged and properly working equipment.

SIG Training Services

SIG Remote Services

We offer a variety of ways to get in touch with us to run diagnostics, solve issues, and ensure your equipment is up and running as quickly as possible to reduce unplanned downtime.

SIG Remote Services

Optimize or replace

Whether on a one-off or regular basis, we offer solutions to take your equipment into the future.

SIG Technical Solutions

We provide upgrades and replacements to increase efficiency, quality and sustainably optimize your equipment.

SIG Technical Solutions

SIG Consulting Services

We have experts who will continue to work with you as your business needs change and evolve, providing insights on food safety, equipment optimization, and responsible sourcing.

SIG Consulting Services

Please contact your SIG representative for more information.