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SIG Aseptic filling equipment

High speed, reliability and technical efficiency are at the core of the SIG filling machines.
  • Flexibility: Up to 5 volumes on one filling machine
  • Adding additional value to your products with SIG Drinksplus and food options
  • Provided the same base dimensions, up to 3 formats on one filling machine
  • Various formats cover a volume range from 500ml to 2,000ml
  • Output of 12,000 packs per hour.

Key features

Provided the same base dimensions, we offer the industry's fastest change-over times for formats, volumes and design. With the ability to fill up to 12,000 packs per hour, our filling machines offer both high performance and low overall system costs, combined with low waste rates and unique flexibility. And thanks to their robust, well-engineered construction, the machines will continue to run reliably for many years. 


Up to 12,000 packs / hour

  • Up to three formats on one machine
  • Changing volumes and formats in just a few minutes: up to 5 volumes on one machine possible
  • Changing package design without interrupting the filling process
  • SIG Drinksplus and food options possible
  • 4 tracks
  • One trained operator can run the machine

9,000 packs / hour (SIG Premium 9 Aseptic)

    • One machine - two formats
    • Volumes: 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml
    • Highly flexible: Format and volume change in unmatched short time
    • Décor change without interrupting the production process
    • One trained operator needed to operate the filling machine.

SIG Applicators

  • SIG Bloc Cap Applicator: The post-application of the spouts with an applicator makes it possible to fill different formats on one line and increase the aseptic safety.
  • SIG Bloc/Fit Cap Applicator: For filling machines, which can fill two different formats, the applicator also forms the package after the filling process and gives it the final shape.

New segments - low investment

Use standard filling machines to expand your product range, achieve higher margins, or enter and test new market segments – without a major investment. ​ Food Option filling machines are based on our standard filling technology and include minor technical adjustments that allow you to fill a whole host of additional food products:

  • Chunky product ingredients up to 15% 
  • Particulates up to 6mm
  • Fibers 1x15mm
  • Viscosity up to 3,500mPas

SIG Drinksplus - Adding value to your product

Stand out in a competitive market by creating more healthy and premium products.  For SIG Midi, we offer our complete end-to-end solution SIG Drinksplus which enables you to create innovative products and fill added-value products, such as premium fruit juices and drinkable milk snacks. Add real and natural food pieces – such as fruit, vegetables or cereal grains – to your beverages:

  • Chunky product ingredients up to 10%
  • Particulates can be up to 6mm
  • Fibers up to 1x15mm
  • Viscosity can be up to 3,500mPas.

SIG Aseptic food filling machines

For SIG StandardBloc and SIG MidiBloc, we offer a special food filling machine which makes it possible to fill products with larger particulates and particulate content as well as higher viscosity. This makes it the perfect choice for soups, sauces and desserts. 

  • Chunk sizes of up to 25mm 
  • Fibers up to 40mm 
  • Up to 50% solid content
  • Viscosity up to 5,000 mPas/cps.

Formats and matching filling machines

SIG Premium

SIG Premium 9 Aseptic

SIG SlimlineBloc

SIG SlimlineBloc 12 Aseptic

SIG StandardBloc

SIG StandardBloc 12 Aseptic and SIG StandardBloc 12 Aseptic Food

SIG Midi

SIG Midi 12 Aseptic and SIG Midi 12 Aseptic Food (for Bloc-format only)

SIG Midi
500 - 1000ml / 16.9 - 33.8fl oz
SIG Premium
500 - 1000ml / 16.9 - 33.8fl oz
SIG SlimlineBloc
500 - 1100ml / 16.9 - 37.2fl oz
SIG StandardBloc
500 - 1100ml / 16.9 - 37.2fl oz