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SIG Midi

The Midi-family consists of three different formats. All formats and different volumes can be filled on a single filling machine, allowing you to expand your portfolio without the extra investment. Simply choose the format and volume that best fits your product to leverage the full potential of our flexible equipment.
  • 3 different formats on one filling machine
  • Several structure options
  • Different closure options

Differentiate, upgrade and evolve your brands

SIG MidiBloc, the classic carton, and SIG MidiFit, the differentiating premium pack, are our most popular formats in the family-size segment. Both come in 500ml, 750ml, or 1,000ml volumes and offer a high level of convenience as well as easy-to-open closures.

SIG MidiStyle, the latest member to the Midi-family, adds a stylish twist and convenience to the classic pack. It builds on the success of SIG MidiBloc, while its centrally positioned closure for improved functionality and a shaped corner panel to stand out on the shelf add a modern touch. This format is available in 500ml and 1,000ml volumes.

Opening solutions

  • Perforations
  • Straw hole for SIG MidiBloc 500ml
  • One-step opening SIG SwiftCap and SIG MaxxCap

SIG MaxxCap

With a large pouring diameter of 25mm, SIG MaxxCap offers an optimal product flow. The large cap makes it easier and more comfortable for consumers to open and reclose the pack in one easy step. 

Matching equipment: SIG Midi 12 Aseptic

  • 3 formats, up to 3 volumes and additional structure and closure options make SIG Midi the most versatile mid-size packaging system
  • Quick volume change in a few minutes only
  • Changing package design is possible without interrupting the production process
  • Up to 12,000 packs per hour
  • Open container filling: particulate filling possible
  • Low waste rate due to open container sterilization

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Package sizes

1000ml/33.8fl oz
750ml/25.4fl oz
500ml/16.9fl oz
1000ml/33.8fl oz
500ml/16.9fl oz
1000ml/33.8fl oz
750ml/25.4fl oz
500ml/16.9fl oz

Available structures

Standard structures for NCSD and Liquid Dairy products
Food structure
SIG Terra solutions including aluminum-free structure

Even more sustainable options

Not only does SIG Midi offer a variety of format, volume and product options, SIG also offers its most sustainable carton structures for this format family - including options with no aluminum layer and / or forest-based polymers (mass-balance system).


New segments - low investment

Use standard filling machines to expand your product range, achieve higher margins, or enter and test new market segments – without a major investment. ​ Food Option filling machines are based on our standard filling technology and include minor technical adjustments that allow you to fill a whole host of additional food products:

  • chunky product ingredients up to 15% 
  • particulates up to 6mm
  • fibers 1x15mm
  • viscosity up to 3,500mPas

SIG Drinksplus - Adding value to your product

Stand out in a competitive market by creating more healthy and premium products. Our complete end-to-end solution enables you to create innovative products and fill added-value products, such as premium fruit juices and drinkable milk snacks. Add real and natural food pieces – such as fruit, vegetables or cereal grains – to your beverages:

  • chunky product ingredients up to 10%
  • particulates can be up to 6mm
  • fibers up to 1x15mm
  • viscosity can be up to 3,500mPas.

5 reasons to choose SIG Midi

  • Increased differentiation: Stand out with eye-catching designs and brand messages
  • Enhanced convenience: Offer consumers a more comfortable pouring experience thanks to SIG MaxxCap and the option to choose a centered position
  • Greater filling flexibility: Stay agile with three carton formats on one filling machine
  • Enhance existing equipment: Utilize your existing filling line with a simple, low-investment upgrade kit for SIG MidiStyle
  • Add even more sustainable options to your portfolio with SIG Terra options and aluminum free structure